Our experiences, expertise, and education make us one powerful force to have in your corner! Combined, we've had the fortune to work in industries such as retail, digital marketing, design, ministry, music & entertainment, branding, consulting, politics, healthcare etc... from Small Business to Fortune 500 Companies.

About Us

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Melissa Ellis Clyde

Owner/CEO/Berklee M.A. in Music Business

Music Consultant, Event Coordinator, Promoter, Talent Buyer, Web Design, Copywriting, and Social Media/Digital Marketing Strategist

For years The Autumn Agency has been one of Melissa's "back burner" passions that she couldn't wait to get her hands on, but she wanted to take her time to prepare for it--giving it the best possible first step forward. With a 30-year professional career in the entertainment & music industry and then earning her Master's degree at Berklee College of Music in Music Business, her knowledge comes from firsthand experiences as well as education. Her previous career-adventures include acting and touring in regional theater (although her dancing was a bit to be desired), being an award-winning vocalist/songwriter, a short stint in modeling, and even becoming a published author. On the business side of the industry, she has worked a great deal in talent buying, promoting, & as a booking agent. Her experiences also include artist management & development, artist branding, event planning & coordinating, digital marketing, music promotions, networking, music publishing & licensing, and music venue consulting/development. Her goal is always to keep the independent artist independent!

She has had the incredible opportunities to work with artists such as Leigh Nash (of Sixpence None the Richer), Mindy Smith, Aaron Lewis, Lauren Mascitti, Lauren Frihauf, Jake Hoot and Ricky Duran among many reputable others. 

She is also The Autumn Agency's Digital Marketing Strategist with certifications in Social Media Marketing and Management from Northwestern University and Meta as well as Digital Marketing Strategy from Digital Marketing Institute. Staying on top of the ever-changing landscape of online media has become a passion of hers. She has even worked as a third party contract copywriter for a Fortune 500 company.

Melissa founded HerSTORY: Women in Music with fellow female musician, Wendy Maness of Westwend, and The Cumberland Arts Collective organizations, has her own brand, Southern Spitfire, a podcast for her hometown (What's Up, Crossville?) and as an autumn/Halloween enthusiast, runs a seasonal business called The Spooktacular BOO-tique.

She continues to perform within the jazz circuit in her own right, is a happy wife and mother of 4 boys, and credits her well-managed ADHD for her extraordinary "juggling act".

When there is any free time, she enjoys watching horror movies, being creative in some art form, and traveling.

Matt Clyde

Brand Strategist/Evangel MOL

Brand Development, Business Consulting & Marketing

Matt Clyde specializes in brand strategy, customer experience, and organizational design. He has spent the last 10 years helping retailers and CPG companies build impactful brand and packaging strategies that drive sales. But he doesn’t  just make things look pretty— he also has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and has spent his career building the systems and processes needed to grow businesses from the ground up.

Matt  joins The Autumn Agency to help you build something that matters. For him, that means helping you make your customers (and listeners) happy, increasing efficiencies where you need it most, and being there for you when you have questions or concerns about your business.

In his free time, Matt enjoys playing drums and roasting coffee under his side project, Uptempo Coffee (yes, you can buy some and you should. His beans are delicious!).

...But Why "Autumn"?

Our Brand Story...

“Why Autumn? How does Autumn relate to the music or marketing industry? What message are you trying to convey, Mel?”

This was the questioned posed by my husband, Matt, when I reluctantly told him the name I wanted for my management and consulting agency. Reluctant, because I was intimidated by his years of branding and consulting experience. Insecurity. I’m a creative—deep feeling, self-reflective. This means I came up with an idea that I worried would not only be accepted by me alone, but ridiculed by others.

But I had a story. I had a reason. A feeling.

Hands down, Autumn is my favorite season. It’s beautiful, full of color! Never too hot. Not too cold. A perfect season in my opinion. This perfect season has always made me amp up my creativity and feel utterly at peace with the world around me, even when I found that autumn was also actually my busiestseason as a full-time working musician.

That’s what I’m trying to covey. 

You will go through your seasons… your spring, when you’re paying your dues and learning the industry. Your holiday/celebratory seasons when you begin see the fruits of your hard work. Maybe even winters when things look cold and painful. Your summers hit and you begin to juggle the enjoyment of what you do and better understand yourself as an artist leading you into a busy Autumn. And that’s where I come in—to give you a calm and peace during your busy season. Offloading the necessary tasks that help maintain relevance and stepping up your game to success, freeing yourself up for creativity.

That’s my Autumn. Let me help you achieve your Autumn too.