Hidden in the Sequatchie Valley

It's time the world heard your music.

Experience the true essence of professional recording where your music and career are treated with the respect they deserve. Record in a real studio equipped with top-tier equipment at an affordable price, all under the guidance of an experienced producer. This state-of-the-art facility and expert services are designed to bring out the best in your music, ensuring it resonates with audiences worldwide. Don’t settle for less—elevate your sound in a studio that champions your artistic vision. Join us at The Autumn Agency and transform your musical dreams into reality.

Pro Tools + Universal Audio

Elevate your recording experience at our partnered studio, equipped with the industry-leading Pro Tools music production software. An enhanced setup with Avid's Artist Mix series control surface and the Avid Pro Tools Dock, ensuring seamless integration for a superior recording session. The primary interface features 16 UA Apollo pre-amps, complemented by an additional 8 Audient pre-amps, allowing for a total of 24 simultaneous inputs. With a versatile patchbay supporting multiple configurations, this studio is perfectly equipped to capture your sound with precision and clarity. Record with us and harness the power of top-tier technology to produce exceptional music.

A Comfortable Environment for your Artistic Flow

The spaces have an attractive design and a comfortable feel. Dimmers control all of the lighting to create the desired mood. Individual isolation rooms are provided for vocals and drums, apart from the main studio room and a  convenient lounge area is provided for guests and for downtime between takes.




SM57 – 3

SM58 – 2

sE8 – 2

Nady CM100

EV N/D 868

AKG 414 – 2

Shure Drum Kit

Rode NTK

ADK A-51 – 2

Neumann u87

Neumann TLM 102

AT 4041 – 3

Lewitt LCT 040 – 2

Carvin CTM 100


Behringer XM1800 S – 3

ASM MK 219